Travel schedule October 2021

Portland, OR - 1st-12th, 18th-31st duos w/Sasha de Cleyre 

Spokane, WA  - 13th & 14th

Seattle, WA - 15th-17th

Travel schedule November 2021

Portland, OR - 1st-3rd, 7th-10th, 16th-21st , 29th & 30th duos w/Sasha de Cleyre 

San Diego, CA - 1st, 3rd-5th duos w/Clover

Orange county, CA - 2nd

Albuquerque, NM - 22nd-25th

Travel schedule December 2021

Portland, OR - 1st-7th, 11th-27th duos w/Sasha de Cleyre 

San Francisco, CA - 8th-10th

Philadelphia, PA -28th & 29th duos w/Victoria Blackwood

Travel schedule January 2022

Portland, OR - 19th-31st duos w/Sasha de Cleyre 

Washington, DC - 2nd 

Richmond, VA - 3rd-6th duos w/Victoria Blackwood

Raleigh, NC - 7th-9th duos w/Victoria Blackwood

Charlotte, NC - 10th-12th duos w/Victoria Blackwood

Greenville, SC - 13th & 14th duos w/Victoria Blackwood

Charleston, SC - 15th duos w/Victoria Blackwood

Atlanta, GA - 16th

Prebooking is highly recommended.

Cancellation policy

I understand things happen, that's why if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, there is no fee. However, if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, there is a 150$ cancellation fee. If you don't pay the fee, I won't be able to meet with you the in the future. For any session that is 4 hours or longer that is cancelled, the 25% deposit that was put down, is forfeited. Any fees must be paid within 48 hrs.