Travel schedule December 2022

Portland, OR - 1st-8th, 17th-19th duos w/Sasha de Cleyre on certain dates

Los Angeles, CA - 9th + 10th

Orange County, CA - 11th + 12th

Riverside, CA - 13th

San Diego, CA - 14th-16th

Travel schedule January 2023

Vacation- but will have access to emails!

Travel schedule February 2022

Portland, OR - 1st-13th, 21st-28th duos w/Sasha de Cleyre on certain dates

Seattle, WA - 14th-17th

Spokane, WA - 18th-20th

Travel schedule March 2022

Portland, OR - 1st-14th, 26th-31st duos w/Sasha de Cleyre on certain dates

San Diego, CA - 15th-17th

Riverside, CA - 18th + 19th

Orange County, CA ~ 20th + 21st

Los Angeles, CA ~ 22nd + 23rd

San Francisco, CA ~ 24th + 25th

Prebooking is highly recommended.

*NEW* Cancellation policy

I understand, things happen. But, I have a fairly strict cancellation policy. If you don't adhere to it after agreeing to it, we won't be able to meet in the future.  I accept Cashapp, Venmo, Apple pay, Google wallet and some gift cards for fees or deposits. The cancellation fee chart is as follows:

24 hours notice ~ 50% of the appointment

No call/no show ~ 100% of the appointment

For longer appointment (3 hours or more) the above doesn't apply. You would need to send a 25% deposit in advance to book the date. If you have to cancel, it becomes the cancellation fee. If I have to cancel, I send it back.