Goddess of the moon... 

Diana Moonbeam (Di for short)—an introspective, young adventurer who spends her free time by the light of the moon and the calmness of the sea.

"Drowning in the sea of love where everyone would love to drown."

~ Stevie Nicks

A quiet spirit with an ability to hear and understand what others cannot. I find my peace in daily considerations. A soft spoken sound playing into my eardrums, humming up into my subconscious. Wearing a moonstone around my neck, resting on my long fiery hair and slender frame. I close my blue-green, ocean eyes and search for the message within. The greater meaning is not lost on me, as I clang my gong and listen to it's perfect sound rumble through me. Always searching for more, there's so much to explore.

I spend a decent portion of my time by the waves, admiring the beauty of the nature and the simplicity of the people. The warmth of the sun on my skin reminds me of the freckles that dust my cheeks. Which will now be highlighted by the yellow orb in the sky. Flipping through the book in my hands, another non-fiction. I adore learning new things and absorbing information about factual events. Depth is as important as the statistics that follow close behind.

Manifestations, tarot, and moonlight cleansings are also something that is very important to me. The outcome of such activities are purifying and true for my life and being. With that being said, I pride myself on being an accepting and respectful individual. All genders, races, ethnicities, religions, and abilities are accepted and welcomed in my space. If you are respectful and kind, then I can certainly return the favor. No human being is discriminated against when in my presence.

When you're with me, I feel most at ease when listening to you reminisce, breathe. Your heartbeat near me. Your energy, your vibration, when you're willing for something you haven't yet discovered. An engaging listener and a helping spirit, is what I can provide you in our moments together. Comfortable environments are of an utmost importance to me and my dwelling place is where you can leave your tensions at the door. I plan to take to you the space where I hone my power from. A tranquil, undisturbed haven. Just for you and I to explore...


Based out of: Portland, OR

Age: 25

Height: 5'7

Weight: 115

Cup size: 34c

Size: medium

Shoe size: 8

Eye color: blue/green

Hair color: red

Hair length: short or long (it changes)

Piercings: 5

Tattoos: 4 (3 small, 1 big)

Spoil me:

Favorite lingerie: Honey Birdette

Favorite colors: black, red, and green

Favorite gift cards: NordstromHoney Birdette, & PoleJunkie

Favorite drinks: Dr. Pepper & Mocha Lattes

Favorite takeout: Sushi & Pho

Favorite alcohol: I don't drink at the moment, but I do enjoy CBD products (vapes, gummies, drinks) with low THC content.

Favorite stone: Emerald

Favorite herb: Marigold & Yarrow

Favorite flower: Orchids

Passport ready? : Yes!

Favorite hobbies: Pole dancing, reading, meditation. and hiking!